Customising your studio website


Does your estate agency website look great on smartphones & tablet devices? Ours
include maps, photo galleries, easy searching & much more.

Your own design

Optimised for a smaller screenBig easy-to-click buttons and
larger text size for easy reading
Your own design Zoomed search resultsGood-sized thumbnail images &
easy to understand icons
Your own design Full property detailsFull description of every property
like your main website
Your own design Photo Gallery Same number of photos as your main website - swipe to see the next image
Your own design Map & Satellite viewPerfect to help applicants see a
property's location whilst 'on the
Your own design All in your brand All MobileWeb© sites are branded
in your own colours using your

More about responsive property websites:

How does your current website display on an iPhone 6 or the latest Samsung Galaxy? Chances are unless you have a responsive website, it will be practically unusable on a smartphone (without much zooming in and out and a lot of frustration).

Responsive design uses CSS queries to figure out which device the website is being viewed on, in order to adjust to make sure the website is optimised to be viewed on all different kinds of devices. A responsive website design effectively means that a single website can be created, while keeping the design consistent across all platforms.

An effective responsive website is paramount to keeping up with the property industry; mobile users account for a large and increasing amount of online visitors and if your website can not be browsed easily on a mobile device, you will inevitably lose a large proportion of visitors to those competitors who are using a responsive website. 

Our R&D Team have spent 6 months developing what we believe to be the best Fully Responsive property website on the market; to fit any of our Studio websites - call us now to find out details about being one of the first in the UK to upgrade to this exciting product.

Graphic Designer's advice: "Since 2014, more and more of our sites are being built 'Responsive' meaning they change the way they look according the device they are being displayed on. Responsive sites therefore do not require MobileWeb"