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Built into all of our estate agency websites is a stats reporter which can be found in Estateweb. This allows you to quickly generate a report on the performance of your website, comprised of many different stats including number of valuation requests, viewing requests and number of visits to your website.

Detailed report Detailed report

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Detailed Report

Detailed report

Once your website goes live you will have access to our CMS Estateweb. While also allowing you to edit the pages on your website, you can easily access stats reports on the performance of your website. They are very easy to generate and you can download them straight to your computer.

Download your leads via Estateweb Stats

Not only does our stats software track numerical data but it also allows you to access all the leads that have come into your website. This is shown in a concise report which can be generated over any time period and also downloaded onto your computer as a PDF.

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Measuring the performance of your website is so important, not only for understanding how much money it is making you but also for understanding the behaviour of visitors to your website.

Our reports will give you the headline stats that you need to asses the performance of your website without having to trawl through Google analytics, which can be complicated and time consuming. All you have to do is log into Estateweb and simply click 'generate'. We collect all the data and lay it out in a concise 1 page PDF report (this text will be a link to a PDF report).

We want to be transparent and work with our clients to make sure their website is getting them a good return on investment. Our dedicated account managers will work with you to breakdown the statistics in these reports and find ways to improve the performance of your website.

For any Estate Agent it is key to know how many people have registered their information with you, and requested valuations as you can literally put a monetary value on those interactions. This allows you to adjust your marketing budget and determine whether your site needs upgrading.