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A quick and easy way to add & manage News articles on your property
website in minutes. Share them on social media easily too.

Your own design Easily add News Articles to
your website
Local property news is very
effective but general property news is
good too
Your own design Google will index them
for all to see! 
Amaze your local community with
your local property knowledge
Your own design Your customers will SHARE good
One-click sharing of articles makes
it easy to spread the word

More About Our Blog Software

"Isn't writing news articles a waste of time?" is a question we are often asked by our estate agency clients. Cutting to the chase, the answer is a resounding NO! Here is why: 

Google & other search engines need to see 'signs of life' from your website if they are to put you high up their index. If no 'content' is coming out of your website, as far as they are concerned "the lights are off and no-one's home"

Just adding your properties does not do the trick; it is not reaching out to your potential audience nor adding any useful opinion or information to the web community

Our Estateweb© Blog software makes the job dead easy and dare we say it...almost enjoyable! Here are the basics: 

  • Write news articles on your website (local property issues are very effective - planning applications etc - your local audience are searching for this stuff; the more contentious the better!)
  • Search engines WILL index them so you get found when a relevant search is performed.
  • Share them easily on your own social media accounts or your visitors can share them just as easily to their own profiles.
  • Make them as rich as you want - add multiple photos and lots of text if you so choose (we recommend keeping them brief to avoid the boredom factor!)
  • Choose when articles should start displaying and when they are to expire (in settings)

Adam ClackMarketing Managers advice: "Make sure that you share your news articles on social media and on popular estate agent networking sites like EA Today and Estate Agents Networking UK. Not only is this great for your SEO but it will help you to become a voice in the industry."