Customising your studio website


Do you sell new homes developments? Do you act as letting agents after the sale and wish to
manage blocks on behalf of BTL landlords? Our one-of-a-kind specialised software makes this
easy to manage on your website.

Your own design A microsite per development Create a smart presentation and
get great SEO at the same time
Your own design Add all the media Site plans, Developer's brochure,

CGI's, Photos, Map

Your own design Now show units available! Link properties from your software
to the 'parent' development

More About the New Homes Module:

"Selling new developments is not the same as selling individual properties" as any experienced estate agent will tell you! A new homes development often needs its own microsite which promotes the development as a whole, often with site plans, planning consents, CGI drawings and sometimes containing the developer's logo. 

The ability to do this can often make the difference when Developers are choosing an agent and deciding who will give the best promotion of their development.

We have specialised property development software (Estateweb© New Homes Module) to give agents an easy-to-use system to add developments to their websites...properly! 

  • Add a development as a landing page or a microsite
  • This will get indexed by Google & found by people searching that development
  • Add a description of the development
  • Add price range text “2-4 bedroom properties from £395,000 - £2,500,000”
  • Upload as many images of CGI’s of the development as you want to
  • Add the developer’s brochure as a downloadable PDF
  • Show development location accurately on a map (using lat/long co-ordinates)
  • Display which units are available within that development by linking to your main residential database (you do this by a simple ‘tagging’ process which tells our software which development each property belongs to)
  • Manually tweak the Metadata for SEO optimisation

Directors advice: "Not using any Estate Agency Software? No problem! Our EstateWeb© CMS Software enables you to upload properties, images, files & applicants directly through any web browser."