Our team

Our team

Our experienced (and growing) team of Website Consultants, Graphics Designers, Programmers, Project Managers & Account Managers have developed a tried and tested product that you know you can rely on. Not only are our Estate Agency websites tried and tested, but so are our staff! Our trained team will guide, suggest and work with you to get you the site you want and look after you once your website is launched.

Sales team

Our dynamic Sales team have a wealth of experience in the property industry and as a result we are able to gauge our client’s needs better than your average website design agency.  Whether our sales team are visiting your office or consulting you over the phone, you will always receive the highest standard of service.

Accounts team

Our resident number guru’s Carol and Katie have a wealth of accounting experience between them and will deal with all of your financial requests and queries! They have been known to indulge in a bit of heavy duty debt collecting in the past so don’t be late with your payments!

Projects team

Our projects team are here to manage the build of your website, right from the design process through to the launch of the site, ensuring that you know where your project is, answering any questions you may have, helping you through the technical jargon and introducing you to Estateweb© CMS so you understand the systems and the process that your sites goes through on its way to going live!

Graphics team

Our graphics team make your ideas a reality! Scribble a rough sketch on a piece of paper and they will turn it into a beautiful fully functioning design. They combine artistic and creative flare with a sharp attention to detail that has produced many award winning designs. They will work closely with you to ensure you get your perfect website.

Support team

Problem with your website? Look no further than our Technical support team. Their extensive knowledge of your websites and the data integration process mean that they can deal with any issues that you are experiencing. Guaranteed to turn that frown, upside down!  

Development team

Our development team, headed up by Director Charles Forrester, bring your website to life! They are the geniuses behind the functionality that wins you instructions & are constantly working to improve our systems for our clients. Not your average developers…they also make up half of our company football team!