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Customisation v’s fully Bespoke?

Fully Bespoke websites are very rare these days because most agents have neither the time nor budget to “reinvent the wheel” - most of our clients either buy Studio (templated) websites or a more customised version of Studio called ‘Signature’. Signature is the perfect halfway-house between a template and a Bespoke website and will not break the bank.

Which agents have Bespoke websites?

Multi-disciplined Estate Agencies are most likely to need a Bespoke solution to cater for their idiosyncrasies which may include specialisations such as Equestrian, Auctions, Farms & Rural, Overseas property however we will always try to work out the most cost-effective solution.

For example sometimes it is more efficient to ‘split’ the company into 3 or 4 separate specialised websites as this can be far better for customer experience and far higher Google rankings due to more focussed content. Trying to build a website which is “all things to all men” is often not the most efficient approach.

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In just a 5-minute chat we will be able to advise you on the most suitable product for your company. If we establish you require either a Signature or Bespoke website we can arrange to meet you face-to-face to explain the products in more detail.

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