Customising your studio website


Our property auction management software allows you to add venue & dates, past auctions, properties, chattels, livestock, farm machinery & more.

Your own design Add an auction Set the date, venue, type and
add a description 
Your own design Add the 'lots' Properties, Chattels, Livestock,

Antiques, almost anything! 

Your own design Publish the results! Show the current auction then
publish the results


Around 10% of our clients have auction departments and needed a way to effectively display auctions on their websites. These vary from straightforward property auctions to livestock & farm equipment, antiques and so on - a specific set of needs.

We therefore created the Estateweb© Auctions module which is web-based auction management software enabling the Auction department to do the following on their websites:

  • List an Auction by venue, date, show map and give it some descriptive text
  • Upload the Auctions Catalogue (PDF)
  • Have past, present & future auctions displayed
  • Display anything! - Items (chattels, farm machinery, livestock, antiques etc) or properties
  • Give any item full description, multi photos and a PDF attachment if required
  • Manage 'Lot' numbers and allocate them to properties in the main property database
  • Display past auctions results
  • Key contacts (auctioneer)
  • Legal document uploads

Andrew Clack Directors advice: See some examples of  Websites we have created with Auctions Departments